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Minh Dat Co. Ltd

17-19 Hoang Dieu St., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City

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About Minh Dat Co. Ltd

1 . Introduction
Minh Dat Co. Ltd has established more than 10 years , from a small business to become one of the largest suppliers in the field across the abrasive Vietnam and some other Asian countries , confirmed the trade effect on the business market in the field of stone cutting , grinding stones . Minh Dat increasingly enhanced quality with advanced technology and strict process control with professional staff , fast delivery , and friendly reputation .
In addition, Minh Dat Co. Ltd also a number of joint ventures with foreign companies to supply products in the field of corrosion : Riken sandpaper , sanding ranked Mountain , ...
2 . Formation and development
1994 was a trading store , supply wholesale items abrasives .
1999 established production facilities in the Great Spirit Go vap.Thoi this time began producing grinding wheel , in this stage the product quality was poor and average daily production of about 300-400 members only .
In 2000, the company established Minh Dat Co. Ltd , this increased output at about 6000-9000 rounds / day and technology products used for the production of Taiwan , at which product quality is greatly improved
In 2005, construction of factory in Vinh Loc with 5000m2 factory area , and yield up to 160,000 tonnes / month
In 2006, the joint venture company corundum sandpaper Japanese Riken , a major step in the manufacturing sector , providing sandpaper , Flap . ( see details on the website : http://www.rikenmt.com )
3 . Mission
As a manufacturer , provides a stable, consistent quality .
Provide abrasive products such as cutting , grinding stones , sandpaper , sanding ranked ... serving in the mechanical engineering industry , construction , .. finishing products contribute to bring optimal benefits to customers ..
With its commitment to bring you the guaranteed product quality , utility , and above all, it is safe to use .